Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I attend certified digital marketing training program?

    This Certification Course in Digital Marketing provide you with great learnings in all major Digital Marketing Strategies, Tools and its Implementations in the Business. The major Digital Marketing Strategies which we train you during our program are,

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Google Adwords
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Web Analytics
    • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Who should attend certified digital marketing training program?
    Sales, Marketing and Advertising Professionals

    Digital Marketing is the most cost effective and result oriented strategy for the business success. Being a marketing/sales professional you need to master the right online strategies for your organizatons success. We train you to become a successful digital marketing professional.


    You need to optimize your online marketing budget for your success. Our program will teach you the right methods of digital marketing and the right way of implementation too so that you can manage your organizations digital promotions by yourself.

    Digital Professionals

    Continuous learning is the mantra for digital success. New strategies are coming up everyday. Attend our program and learn all the latest updations in the digital marketing.


    You are mastering the great digital marketing strategies before even completing your college studies. You are the most blessed people and tremendous career opportunities are waiting for you if you become a certified digital marketing professional.

  • Who will award digital marketing certification?

    Eminent Digital Marketing Academy will offer this certifications.

  • I don't know anything about Digital Marketing. Will I be able to successfully complete this course?

    Yes, we don't assume that you have any prior knowledge of this industry. Through various modes & strategies of the training program, we ensure that our participants with varying degree of knowledge about this industry successfully master all aspects required to fulfill their desired objectives.

  • How​ ​can​ ​I​ ​register​ ​for​ ​Eminent Digital Academy's ​programs?

    You​ ​can​ ​register​ ​into​ ​​Eminent Digital Academy ​through online Register Online and you can pay through​ ​your​ ​preferred​ ​mode​ ​of​ ​payment​ ​-​ ​cash, cheque​ and​ ​NEFT.​ ​

  • Do I need to have a digital marketing background?

    Anyone can apply for our digital marketing courses. A digital marketing background in a related discipline is not required for our courses. The aim of our course is to enable you to learn everything you need to know in digital marketing, so you can kick start your digital career. You could be a complete beginner, a business owner, a traditional or digital marketing professional, a recent graduate, or simply looking to change your career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to progress in your career.