Search Engines - How it Works

How Search Engines Crawl & Index your Website.

Introduction to SEO

1.How to do On Page SEO
2.How to do Off Page SEO
3.Organic SEO v/s Paid Search Results
4.Why SEO is a must for your business success?

Keyword Research

1.Identify the right keywords
2.Master Keyword Planner Tool
3.Identify Search Volume
4.Identify the Keyword Competition

On-page SEO

1.Meta Tag Optimization
2.Title Tag Optimization
3.Image Alt Tag Optimization
4.Optimization of the Pages
5.Files Renaming
6.H Tag and Breadcrumb
7.Content Optimization
8.Navigation Link

Page Speed Analysis

Page Speed Analysis - Google Page Speed Insights


301 Redirects

Mobile SEO

SEO for Mobile Compatible Responsive Websites.

Google My Business Page

Creating Google My Business Page
Optimizing My Business Page

Off-page SEO

Link Building
What is Link Building
Link Building Tactics
Manual Link Building Process
Link Building Metrics
Blog Marketing
Forum Marketing
Social Book Marking

Measurement with Google Analytics

Basics of Google Analytics
SEO Metrics to Measure -
On-page, Off-page, Technical
SEO Reporting
SEO Resources, Careers in SEO
Basics of Google Analytics


Introduction to SEM

What is SEM? Why SEM?
SEM Tools, Strategies
What is Google AdWords?
Google Search Networks
AdWords Terminologies
How Does the SEM Work?
Structure of an AdWords Account

Campaign Types

Introduction to Search, Display(including videos), Shopping and Mobile-Specific
Campaign Types, and when/why to use them.
Creation of Search Network Campaign
Landing Page
Bidding and Budget
Optimizing the SN Campaign using the KW Planner,
Match Types, Ad Text best practices.


Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media
Facebook Marketing
Twitter, Google+, Youtube Marketing
Why Content is the foundation of SMM Building Content That is Inherently Shareable
Advantages of Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing

The Right Strategies for Email Marketing
Tools for Email Marketing

Uses for Email Marketing

Email Marketing uses electronic mail (e-mail) as a marketing medium to communicate with the audience and deliver leads to business.
Organizations use Email marketing in various methods to market their brands, engage with clients, give promotional offerings etc.
Nowadays most of the companies are deploying web-based email marketing to merge their creativeness as well as strategic plan to market their brands effectively as it is robust and cheap.

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